Organizational-Activity Game: Environmental Challenges for The Agricultural and Educational Sectors

On October 22-24 2021, the Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine, the Gorshenin Institute and the Volyn Business School at the Ostroh Academy conducted an organizational-activity game taking place in Ostroh.

Organizational-activity games are using a playful method to analyze and solve a complex problem, which does not yet have an unambiguous and pre-determined solution, prototype, or precedent.

During the three days, four teams from the sphere of education and agriculture worked on comprehensive ecological and environmental challenges for Ukraine and particularly the Volyn region. Students, educators, and representatives of the agricultural sphere from different parts of the region came together to discuss about and find new perspectives on environmental issues.

In the process of the game, the participants developed the following conclusions:

  • Ecology and environment friendly behavior are not on the priority list of Ukraine;
  • Many greening activities are often hypocritical, as they are aiming at other goals: profit, self-promotion or image change;
  • Environmentally responsible agriculture and education will cease to be just a concept, when systematic changes become possible in Ukraine;
  • Environmental policy is rather based on ideology than on scientific facts, however caring for ecology is about the future, which is being formed today.

The result of the three intensive days of teamwork were the development of schemes and programs for the implementation of environmental plans. In particular, the teams presented reports on the activities of farmers, taking into account the ecological perspective and the concept of ecological education. During the game, the participants also asked themselves the question of how they contribute to the environmental optimization of their universities. One example of the practical application of environmental thinking is the optimization of the use of paper in universities. Therefore, the participants created a team that should analyze all available procedures in which paper is used, calculate the cost of it and make a favorable proposal for the university management to change to paperless work.

The understanding gained by the participants during the activity game is important for the implementation of environmental initiatives in the field of agrobusiness and education in the region of Volyn. The game was a continuation of the research activity of the Gorshenin Institute and the Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine on environmental issues. Previously, the all-Ukrainian sociological survey “Environmental trends in Ukraine. The view of the citizens” was published.

Following this link you can watch a short video about the game (UA).

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