Housing Management. From Theory to Practice

On October 19, 2021 an annual conference "Housing Management. From Theory to Practice" was held within the framework of the International Congress "Institutional and technical aspects of the housing and communal management reform - 2021" organized annually by the the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine.

One of the panels was prepared in partnership with the FES-Ukraine and an NGO "Expert Inter-Sectoral Association of Ukraine" and devoted to the presentation of the "Study of the formation of the institution of apartment building manager in Ukraine." The study was conducted to examine the state of arts in housing management, best practices and problems faced by managers and management companies, as well as to identify the attitude and level of public trust into this form of management.

Housing sector reform is one of the important areas of socio-economic transformation in Ukraine. Currently, its main goal is to modernize the industry, including through the introduction of effective forms of housing management.

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