Court Cooperates (publication)

On September 6th 2021, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in cooperation with an NGO “Human Rights Vector” conducted an online presentation of the publication “Court Cooperates. Toolkit for press-secretaries of courts”. The publication serves as a valuable collection of best practices and most important experiences of Ukrainian courts regarding their public communication.

In 2016, FES-Ukraine together with “Human Rights Vector” and other partners started the first official and systematic training for the press-secretaries of Ukrainian courts. Within two years the training was provided for employees of nearly half of all Ukrainian courts. The project aims to support the judicial reform in Ukraine and enhance court transparency and openness to communities, thus, this toolkit (as the next step of project activities) has become a guide for enchancing the dialogue between the courts and society. It does not only provide recommendations on activities but also best practice examples of Ukrainian press-secretaries, who submitted their own examples of activities in different formats, such as TV-shows, open-door-days, trial modelling, exhibitions, and online activities.

“This toolkit will become a bestseller for every press-secretary!”, said one of the press-secretaries. Indeed, this publication is the first of its kind guidebook for press-secretaries, who mostly do not have a professional education in mass communications and who often perform their position only part-time.

The national Judiciary Press Service as well as the Council of Judges of Ukraine - which since many years works systematically with Human Rights Vector on the development of the press-secretary institute - both have shown their full support of the publication and will ensure its distribution among all the press-secretaries in Ukraine. Furthermore, the project is supported by the High Council of Justice, the National School of Judges as well as the State Judicial Administration.

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