"Safe workplace and production environment – the key mission of trade unions!"

From June 29 to July 1, 2021, the seminar titled "Safe workplace and production environment – the key mission of trade unions!" took place in Yaremche (Ivano-Frankivsk region) and was organized for newly elected chairmen of trade unions and activists of the Trade Union of the Agrarian Industry of Ukraine.

Organizers of the event: Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine, IUF Global Union and Women's Committee of the Trade Union of the Agrarian Industry of Ukraine.

Invited experts: Andriy Figol, ILO Project Coordinator in Ukraine and Ksenia Lepekha, ILO expert.

Moderators: Dmytro Stepanyuk, IUF Coordinator in Ukraine, Nadiya Burlaka, Chairman of the Women's Committee of the Trade Union of the Agrarian Industry.

During the seminar, participants discussed main problems and challenges facing working women in the agrarian industry, especially during a pandemic, and the ability of trade unions to protect workers.

On the first day of the seminar, after Nadiya Burlaka's presentation on the situation of women in Ukraine, the participants discussed the problems of working women in labour collectives in the agrarian sector. Participants noted the following problems: the pay gap between women and men, unequal employment conditions and career opportunities, the additional burden of housekeeping and caring for family members, violence and harassment in the workplace and at home.

Andriy Figol made an online presentation on the main provisions of the ILO Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (No. 190), its ratification by countries around the world and the possibilities for its ratification in Ukraine.

Ksenia Lepekha presented the results of a survey to assess the situation with violence and harassment at work in enterprises where IUF member organizations operate. Participants received practical advice on the actions of trade unions in implementing gender equality in labor relations and discussed in groups the main areas of work and responsibility of trade unions for the implementation of state gender policy and that of the union in labour relations (moderator - Nadiya Burlaka). Participants noted the working conditions of women in rural areas, which are accompanied by constant challenges such as daily workload of more than 15 hours, no time and opportunities to take care of their health, no favourable conditions for combining motherhood and professional growth. Rural women face the lack of normal living conditions, the difficulty of obtaining medical care, especially during a pandemic. The participants also got acquainted with the main issues of labour protection of women and have developed trade unions’ indicative work plans on labour protection and on the participation of trade unions’ committees in the investigation of accidents at work (moderator - Nadiya Burlaka). In addition, a discussion on the introduction of the agricultural land market in Ukraine from July 1, 2021 and the relevant actions of trade unions in the framework of the land reform took place (moderator - Dmitry Stepanyuk). The participants discussed the possibilities of trade unions to combat violence and harassment at work, got acquainted with the structure of the IUF, the experience of IUF member organizations in combating violence at work and in society (moderator - Dmitry Stepanyuk).

During the last day of the event, the participants got acquainted with the main directions of the Women's Committee of the Trade Union, discussed the possibilities of implementing the resolution of the Congress of the Trade Union of Agrarian Workers on combating violence, exchanged experiences on collective bargaining and worked out a number of proposals on the issues of gender equality and combating violence at work and at home as well as the trade union action plan to promote ratification of the ILO Convention №190 in Ukraine (moderators - Nadiya Burlaka and Dmytro Stepanyuk).

The obtained knowledge will be applied by the participants of the seminar at the enterprises of food and processing industry and agriculture of Ukraine. These issues will be used to inform and involve the trade union activists and will be included in the agenda of the next collective bargaining campaign, as well as in the agenda of meetings of trade union bodies in the agrarian sector at all levels.

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