The School of Trade Union Leaders 2.0: A Storm of Change

With the spread of COVID-19 and the introduction of quarantine measures, women appeared in the most vulnerable situation posed by external threats. The School of Trade Union Leaders 2.0: A Storm of Change was held on March, 12-14, 2021 in Lviv aimed at strengthening the capacity of young female trade unionists by improving their soft skills during the pandemic. The event was organized by the Youth Council of the Zaporizhia Regional Trade Union Council and the NGO "Institute for the Development of Democracy and Regional Initiatives" in partnership with the Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine.

The purpose of the initiative was to create a friendly space for training of female trade union members, able to identify an active position and protect their rights in order to reinforce the women's movement in trade unions. Participants took part in an interactive training filled with meaningful panel discussions and practical cases from experienced trainers and speakers.

For the second time, the School of Trade Union Leaders 2.0: Storm of Change has become a place to seek progressive ideas and implement women's initiatives from the trade unions of the nuclear industry, education and science, agro-industrial complex, construction and building materials industry, geology, geodesy and cartography, food industry.

Women gained knowledge about non-specialized, professional skills that are essential for successful relationships in the trade union environment. Training blocks were presented according to the following topics: a woman in a pandemic; directions of trade union activities in crisis conditions; influence and management in the team; corporate PR and reputation in the era of crisis management; mental flexibility and stress resistance in the face of challenges, interactive exercises and games. The continuation of the initiative is planned in the future.


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Photo: FES/Bernd Raschke


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