SD Campus

SD Campus is a time-tested brand format!

For the last 5 years the SD Platform team in partnership with the Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine organized and held 10 Campuses, which were attended by over 500 progressive people from different parts of Ukraine.

SD Campus is a unique educational format that allows you to rethink current social processes, as well as helps to find ways to solve the most pressing problems of politics, economics and social sphere.

At the XI SD Campus, held from 4th to 8th November 2020, 25 graduates of previous Campuses gathered in Skhidnytsia, Lviv region in order to summarize and determine further strategy for development and the creation of the SD Alumni network.

During the four days of active brainstorming, participants analyzed the political parties of Ukraine and other countries, as well as the methods by which social democrats overcome crises. Throughout the event, participants repeatedly stressed the importance of involving young people in the political realities of the country and the necessity of enhancing political culture.

The participants also pumped their skills in preparing quality content, creating videos, forming a team, working on camera and SWOT analysis. Moreover, participants analyzed different ways of doing a presentation and tried themselves as coaches for the next Campuses in 2021.

The main achievements of the event were new themes, programs, moto and promo videos of the next Campuses, as well as the vision of the creation and operation of a network of SD Alumni. We look forward to see you at our events!

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