Training of Trainers

The first training for teachers (ToT) in year 2020 took place during August, 28-30 in Kyiv with the support of the Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine. ToT (Training of Trainers) is a unique format for informal coaching of teachers and the opportunity to increase their knowledge of interactive teaching tools.

ToT is a format comprised of 40% theory and 60% practice that motivates teachers to develop. The practical tasks offered at the training take even experienced teachers out of the comfort zone.

ToT is work on a teacher's personal brand and its positioning in social networks.

ToT is knowledge to be shared not only with students but also with other colleagues.

Besides, ToT is about a team of like-minded people, about the opportunity to discuss current issues of teaching and active networking.

In the course of the training participants learned how to:

  • interestingly present the theoretical part of any course;
  • keep the interest of students during classes;
  • work with different types of audience;
  • position oneself in social networks and form a personal brand;
  • get feedback and draw the right conclusions from it;
  • work with non-standard issues and to find solutions in extraordinary situations.

The event was attended by 30 teachers of high educational establishments from different regions of Ukraine.

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