National Parallel Report on the Implementation by Ukraine of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (2014 - 2019)

The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action of 1995 is the most ambitious road map for the empowerment of women and girls everywhere. In 2020, it will be 25 years since the Beijing Platform for Action set strategic objectives and actions for the achievement of gender equality in 12 critical areas of concern.

While highly appreciating the National Report prepared by the State, in June of 2019, four organizations (National Women’s Council of Ukraine, Women’s Information Consultative Center, Kyiv Gender Studies Institute and World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations) announced their intention to jointly write the Parallel Report and present an independent view on the situation with the securing and protecting the rights of women and girls in Ukraine. More than 40 respected women’s, feminist and research NGOs from all over the country and with the expertise in a wide range of gender policy issues supported this initiative along with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office in Ukraine.

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