How to cool off the hot spots from Donbas to North Korea: Summer School „Security in Danger“ in Kyiv

Future diplomats and young people striving for careers in politics, international relations and foreign policy analysis met during the fifth “security in danger“ summer school at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The Academy and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung invited a number of well known experts to lecture and discuss with the participants burning international security issues under the general topic “How to cool off the hot spots from Donbas to North Korea”.

The school started with Ukraine’s top issue of building up international support on countering Russian aggression. A presentation of James Sherr of Chatham House and Ambassador–at-Large Sergiy Korsunsky was followed by a lecture how international law might help defend Ukrainian national interests. With regard to the Crimean dilemma, Cindy Wittke of Leibniz-Institute Regensburg introduced the term of Islands of Agreement and made the participants develop visions for such islands with regard to Crimea. During the following day, the focus shifted to the European Union. Brexit and recent or upcoming elections in France, Great Britain, Bulgaria and Germany were analyzed by Guido Peruzzo, a former Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany to the EU. With his firsthand information about “Brussels reality” he gave impulses for further discussions and brain-storming about the overall question of “quo vadis Europa”. Divided into smaller groups the participants drew up some answers to this question and presented their results to the plenum. As one of the most acute challenges for the EU, large-scale migration and the problems of the common European Asylum and Migration policy were discussed in detail with Timo Rinke of Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung’s Budapest project “Flight, Migration and Integration in Europe”. Security can furthermore be endangered by the “end of strategic patience” between North Korea and the United States under Donald Trump. In a very detailed presentation by Oliver Meier of the Berlin Institute for International and Security Affairs, the participants of the summer school were introduced to the Korean dilemma of President Trump.

The topics on the final day included the impacts of President Erdogan’s authoritaian approach in Turkey and limits to global free trade as discussed at the World Trade Organization and G20 summits. The participants appreciated the deep and detailed lectures and discussions in the plenary and in smaller groups, whereas the speakers were impressed by the well founded questions and analytical skills of the participants.

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Photo: FES/Bernd Raschke


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